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Contributing to Wellness as Complement to Chiropractic Care

Modern chiropractic care is much more than simply corrective adjustments to spinal vertebrae. At Chiropractic Natural Care Center in Lauderhill, FL, we take a whole-body approach to wellness care. Our chiropractor, Dr. Richard Henry, uses a variety of methods to relieve your pain and to help your body to mend itself. Whether you are suffering from a car accident injury, a sports injury or any other type of spinal problems, physical therapy can be an important part of your treatment package.

Various Aspects of Physical Therapy & Physiotherapy

Depending on the type of injury you have suffered, Dr. Henry will prescribe a number of different treatments as a part of your total wellness plan. We recommend physical therapy to relieve back pain, neck pain and other problems related to your spine.

If you have suffered a car accident injury, you may be dealing with whiplash. In addition to spinal adjustments to ease your vertebrae back to their normal position, our Lauderhill chiropractor may recommend mechanical traction, moist heat therapy or cryotherapy to help relieve the pain.

Your sports injury may be causing you severe back pain or neck pain, and corrective exercises cannot only help relieve these pains, but strengthen the muscles surrounding the misaligned vertebrae so that they are less likely to be damaged once again. The doctor will teach you a number of exercises that you can do in the privacy of your own home, in order to continue the treatment in between office visits.

We offer electrical muscle stimulation for professional and amateur athletes to help strengthen muscles around a damaged area. This technique stimulates the muscle without the patient needing to use it, allowing even patients in severe pain to work on and strengthen the surrounding muscles and develop a support system for the healing body part.

Our specialized rehabilitation programs are designed specifically to allow your body to work more efficiently in your job. Whether you are a professional athlete or you do physical labor every day, there are exercises and techniques that can help you do your work more efficiently while helping to avoid painful damage from misaligned vertebrae.

Whether you are suffering from back pain, neck pain or a combination of both, massage therapy can be an important part of your wellness program. Massage therapy can release endorphins that help the body heal itself while relieving tight muscles. This can help eliminate painful muscle spasms and muscle cramps. Massage can help your body to release toxins from the muscles, allowing healing to take place more rapidly.

Whether your pain is related to a sports injury, a car accident injury or a slip-and-fall accident, our chiropractor will treat you with an entire whole-body wellness program that will often include physical therapy as part of the package. Achieving a healthy lifestyle is never as simple as one solution; often we have to use a number of approaches to reach our goal.

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