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Here at Chiropractic Natural Care Center in Lauderhill, we do more than adjust spines — we complement our adjustments with other therapies and technologies as part of our holistic approach to health. Our chiropractor offer acupuncture for the treatment of headaches and migraines, a car accident injury or sports injury.We feel that anything that helps your body manage pain and employ its own natural healing powers more effectively has a place in our work. In many cases, acupuncture can help reduce back pain, neck pain and other symptoms, putting you back on the road to health and enhancing your overall wellness.

This healing technique, first practiced in China thousands of years ago, works on the idea that the body’s chi, or energy, flows in precise patterns just as the nervous system extends from head to toe. This energy can be stopped, stimulated or re-routed at points called meridians. If something interferes with the natural flow of energy, illness results. On the other hand, if an illness or injury has disrupted the flow of energy, direct stimulation of the meridians can put the energy back on its proper course. Acupuncturists have developed complex maps displaying the precise location of each meridian and the part of the body it affects.

While traditional needles are still widely used in stimulating the meridians, electrical stimulation of these points also works well. The insertion of the needles does not cause any significant pain, and while the first sessions might take up to an hour, a typical follow-up session may take only half as long. These sessions, in conjunction with spinal adjustments, massage and other therapies, have helped many of our Lauderhill patients recover more quickly while regaining strength and flexibility.

Lauderhill Acupuncture Pain Relief

Back Pain, Neck Pain and Holistic Healing Through Acupuncture

This technique is also a powerful tool for managing back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines, as well as other kinds of pain. The needles appear to reduce pain in two different ways — by encouraging the production of natural stimulants in the brain, and by stimulating the neurotransmitters that reduce pain sensitivity. One study indicated that pain thresholds in patients increased by 50 percent after this form of treatment. Less pain means that muscles stay more relaxed, allowing our adjustment and massage techniques to do their job even more efficiently. We can even include periodic “maintenance” sessions as part of an ongoing wellness and pain management plan.

If you suffer neck pain, back pain or other debilitating issues from a car accident injury, sports injury or chronic pain condition, and you seek a Lauderhill chiropractor who believes in a “whole-body” approach to making you well, contact our office today. Our chiropractor, Dr. Richard Henry, will be delighted to perform an initial evaluation of your condition and prescribe acupuncture as needed to help you heal better and feel better.

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